What independent Blacks stand for is very simple.

We are not Anti- Democrat; and we are not Anti- Republican.
We are not Pro-Democrat; We are not Pro-Republican.
We are 100% independent voters.


We are not a party, we are a union. A movement.
Our union is comprised of “Free Thinking” Blacks who are not loyal to any political party, and can vote for any candidate of any party, that pushes the agenda that we put forth. Our agendas:

  • Educates our kids properly and competitively*
  • Pushes, and brings forth legislation that helps Blacks accumulate prosperity and start businesses,
  • Detects and eradicates people who: use the badge to mistreat, abuse, or kill Black Americans
  • Helps with, addresses, and quickly resolves situations that occur in the community that harms Black Americans in general.

We are here to push agendas and legislation that benefit Black Americans.  Its that simple.
We are not radical. We will not riot, we will NOT incite violence – We will vote.

We will hold any elected official accountable for the city/state or government they run.  We will hold leaders accountable for any police abuse. We will not re-elect any official that does not live up to their promises and duties from pure neglect.

‘are independent Blacks registered as independents?’

We have registered Democrats, Republicans, independents, Libertarians and Green party registrants in this union.
You can be registered to any party or no party.  But if you are “Loyal” to any party, you can not and will not be apart of independent Blacks.

We only accept “Free Thinkers”.  Party loyalty is what got Blacks in this condition in the first place. It is a TRAP!
Black Americans can never be loyal to ANY party every again if they expect to ever be taken seriously in America.
The power for Black Americans is in the ‘Swing Vote’!

That is who we are, independent Blacks are a swing voting union.

We vote year-by-year, candidate by candidate and only for those who earn our vote.

So if you are able to be an independent swing voter, please join us and be a representative in your area.


or see where we stand on the issues here!

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