Before we can beat the system,
we must first understand the system.

The reason Independent Blacks is important is that we will only beat the system together.
The system is more than a party or other races. The system consists of all races, all genders and both major political party.

Most of us are Democrats right? Why?
Because we believe that the Democrats are for us(Blacks); and the Republicans are against us.

But the reason we are ‘independent’ is because NEITHER party are for us!
But its not because of what you think.

Neither party is actually FOR us because neither party can take us seriously.

The Republicans dont take us serious because 90% of us vote against them. We dont necessarily vote for the democrat candidate because we think they are a great politician, we just dont want a Republican in office.

And  the Democrats cant take us seriously because, we continue to vote for them over and over ( for the past 60 years) even tho we haven’t gotten any better and dont demand results.

But the one thing that the Democrats have going for them is that we dislike Republicans more than we dislike them.  

Plus we have a painful history that they can prey upon.

See, the Democrats know that we as a people are in perpetual fear.  Fear of the police, fear of the system, fear of our people being taken back to a time where we appall.  So their alternative is to keep us feeling that if we dont support them, we are  in fear of returning to that time.

They dont (any more) offer solutions to fix the situation. They simply use the tactic of ‘we wont make it worse for you’  and yes we have been falling for it for several decades.

Now if you look at the inner cities, the ghettos, the quote-unquote black areas. Usually they are run by democrats.
If you look at many of these areas, the crime rate is up, the graduation rate is down, and the poverty gap between the rich and the poor is widening.  – Yet, NO ONE is questioning why this is still the same or getting worse, better yet, why hasn’t it been fixed yet?

But yet, every election, we hear about “systemic racism”, pay inequality, access to the things the privileged get but somehow it never shows up… why?

Because just like in health care and mental health.  The money is in treatment, not in cures.
They gain power and more by “fighting” for you, “fighting” for the cause.

They can always run on helping things to not be worse as opposed to making them better.

So when you look at elections and the Democrats campaign on how police brutality must stop, or how Blacks should not be getting killed, or how Blacks/minorities need better pay, etc., we rush to vote for them because they are the party looking out for us… right?

But what we dont look at, is the fact that most of our plight has been taking place under their control.


This is not about Democrat vs Republican.  The Republicans have ignored us.  The party of Lincoln, the party that freed the slaves and passed the civil rights act of ’57 has become an afterthought.  They don’t seem to be focused on the hardship of Blacks and dont appear to be actively helping to level the playing field.

But the reason I’m not overly focused on them right now is because they are not running our communities.  If you look at the the shootings of unarmed Black men, the failing school systems, the violence in our areas, etc., these are occurring in the areas of established Democrats, not the Republicans.  The Republicans are not in our area (predominantly the ghettos and inner-cities are run by Democrats- not Republicans), and since independent Blacks is about focusing on our own problems, the spotlight is on the group  that runs and controls our cities.


Now the first thing to understand is that both political parties are parties of “the system”.
Both parties are bought and paid for.

For Black people thinking that Democrats are on the side of our people must understand that the reason we have been voting Democratic and are still poor is because the party has been intalled by billionaires and multinational corporations and that is the constituency they serve – NOT BLACK PEOPLE.  but yet we blindly vote for them every year, every election and nothing gets done!


Now it changes


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