We will be the SWING VOTE

Black Americans are under the illusion that they have political power but actually, we have the least amount of political power ( in general elections) than any other demographic in America.  We have less political power than the White Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Gay Americans, Jewish Americans… any demographic.

Why? Because Black voters are a monolithic(all going in 1 direction) voting block.  More than 90% of us vote Democrat.
Now its not our fault.  We feel like the Democrats are the lesser of 2 evils. And maybe they are.

But thats not the point.  The illusion is that you have power by consistently supporting 1 party without even getting results.  That does not give you power, in fact, it has the opposite effect.  We are not saying to start supporting the Republican party, we are saying to be a swing voter.  Be the vote that ‘decides’ elections, not the vote that is already in the bag for any candidate with a “D” next to their name.

Black people have been voting Democrat for over 55 years. What do we have to show for it?

We are still in poverty, we still have bad schools still fighting a system.

The powe is in the swing vote.  The swing vote is the vote that decides elections. When the election is close we are the vote that puts either candidate over the top.

If we continue to be counted on as 90% of the Democrat vote,  then you only have power in the primary elections or when 2 democrats are running against each other.  When that is over, the candidates know, now they have to focus on other “swing voters” women (non Black), Asian, Hispanic, White, Jewish, etc., why because they know these groups can cast their vote for either candidate.

Gorge Bush got 44% of the Hispanic vote, but only 10% of the Black vote. 90% of Blacks voted against him and he still won.
That is a recipe of not being taken serious and not having power.

So let me show you what happens as a swing voter. 2 things occur.

  1. The Republicans have to actually start paying attention and putting forth policies that work for and are conducive to the Black American agenda.
  2. The Democrats have to actually start doing the things they promise and figure out a way to keep the Black vote.

See, simple by not giving away the one thing you have of value and leverage, you gain a sense of power and relevance.

Now you have a tug of war for your vote. Now you will start to see the Schools getting better, the neighborhood getting better and you start to see Black business ownership increase.

And not just small businesses, you start to see Black owned corporations developing and true wealth being distributed throughout the community that drastically reduce crime.

See the goal is not handouts, the goal is true wealth.

The Black community can no longer be synonymous with ‘minimum wage’, ‘poverty’, etc

When you think of Asian community or Jewish community, do you think of minimum wage? So why when you ask politicians how they are helping the Black communities, one of the talking points is that they are fighting to increase minimum wage?


<<<Accountability                Prosperity>>>

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