An independent Black American Union

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This union is dedicated to actually fixing the problems that Black Americans face.
This union is a watchdog group that follows up with our elected officials and reports on who is fulfilling campaign obligations and who aren't.

Your Vote is worth millions,
never give it away for Free

The independent Blacks union will get value and true change. For the first time in history!

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Your Vote Can Bring Wealth to our Community.

No longer will we be the community of poverty

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Stopping Police shootings.

Independent Blacks will stop the abuse!

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What is our goal?

Independent Blacks is the union that gets the results that simply marching and protesting can not.
We hold the politicians in that control "the system" responsible, which in turn brings about the desired results our community needs. When our system mis educates our kids, when the police use excessive force or kill our unarmed citizens, when our communities are unsafe and the environment molds our future generations into criminals who are doing anything they can to survive, when our people stay in poverty and its harder to start viable businesses to become independent, - there are people who have the power to fix this situation but dont. Independent Blacks will make sure that the people that we give our votes to, keep their campaign promises and make sure that we are progressing every week , every month and every year.
Independent Blacks can do that.

Joining independent Blacks

Joining independent Blacks is a very not taken lightly. The future of Black Americans rest with this movement...

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Holding Leaders Accountable

What's been missing from all of the movements is us holding leaders accountable....

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Flex your Political Power

You have more power than you ever imagined...

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Stopping the Police Abuse

Stopping the Police abuse can and will...

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Black prosperity

Prosperity is the only thing that can combat poverty, not programs...

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