Gary Frazier, East Coast Coordinator of Black Men for Bernie Sanders got in a heated argument with CNN political commentator and Hillary Clinton supporter Hilary Rosen Tuesday over the claim that “established Democrats” are the cause for the “suffering” in minority communities.

Hilary Rosen, Gary Frazier, Screen Grabs CNN, 7-26-2016 Appearing on “CNN Newsroom” with Carol Costello, Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said, “It’s been exposed to the country that it’s the DNC that participates in racial divide and gender divide. And we are seeing this play out on a national stage where someone like Donald Trump, who as his daughter said best, is color blind and gender neutral, just wants to keep America safe.” Costello replied, “I see Gary here, you’re shaking your head. Are you in agreement with Katrina?” “Absolutely,” Frazier said. “Again, it goes back to the minority communities that folks continue to overlook. That’s the thing. These minority communities are suffering and blighted communities are suffering at the hands of established Democrats.”




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